Revising the educational National curriculum in Japan with eduScrum

In Japan, National curriculum have been revised, so active learning for students becomes increasingly important.

On February 20th Masahiro Nakada, Mr. Ted Sakata, Mr. Yano Hiroshi from the Teikyo University, Graduate School of Teacher Education, Tokyo JAPAN and intertpreter Ms. Iuliana Ikogure visit me, Willy Wijnands at the Ashram College to talk about ...... Weiterlesen

Teacher–student negotiations during classes

Teacher–student negotiations during context-based chemistry reform: A case study
Teachers participating in curricular reforms, especially reforms based on constructivism, are expected to bring about change in their teaching approach. This is often a difficult, complex and intensive process, and demands a radical recul- turing of the classroom. This is also the case for social constructivist reforms in chemistry education, which are based on a context-based approach. Educational change is a social and interactional process, and during this change teachers will engage in negotiations with their students about the reform. These teacher–student negotiations have a profound impact on the succeeding of the reform. Weiterlesen

eduScrum experiences from teachers out Poland

I'd like to say a big thank you again for your kindness and for sharing your passion towards teaching and eduScrum. You asked us to write our thoughts about eduScrum..... I have been extremely busy since I came back from Holland (I work for two schools and I am a single mother of two kids) but finally I can sit for a moment to write.

Before having found you Willy, for a long time I had been looking for something that, now I know, is called eduScrum. I had this inner feeling that traditional teaching was in fact not teaching. It was just passing on information. And sadly, if a student didn’t catch it, there was something wrong with him or her, not with a method or a teacher. You know what I am talking about? I've got this view from my observations and discussions in a staffroom :( Weiterlesen

eduScrum in PHZH Switzerland

Willy Wijnands eduScrum training at the Pädagogische Hochschule Zurich PHZH, Switzerland in Octobre 11&12. Weiterlesen

eduScrum in Hochschule Mannheim

Mathematikvorlesungen für Maschinenbaustudierende mit eduScrum

eduScrum ist eine aktive Unterrichtsform, bei der Lern-Teams innerhalb eines festen Rhythmus Aufgaben erarbeiten. Dabei planen und bestimmen die Lernenden ihre Aufgabenschritte selbst. Der Dozierende legt das Lernziel fest und steht dem Team als Coach zur Seite. Diese Art zu arbeiten schafft mehr Freiheiten für die Lernenden: Sie können Ihre eigenen Lernprozesse innerhalb eines bestimmten Rahmen und mit vorgegeben Lernzielen selbst bestimmen. Weiterlesen

Book: Transforming Education with eduScrum

A chapter in a new book, just released by Springer Books: Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning by the authors Willy Wijnands, founder of eduScrum and Alisa Stolze, eduScrum teammember.

- Provides a single point of reference on how agile and lean ideas can be applied in teaching and learning at all levels of education.

- Addresses the link between agile-education practitioners and academics

- Offers insights into how to apply agile and lean techniques to the practice of teaching

This book explores the application of agile and lean techniques, originally from the field of software development and manufacturing, to various aspects of education. It covers a broad range of topics, including applying agile teaching and learning techniques in the classroom, incorporating lean thinking in educational workflows, and using team-based approaches to student-centred activities based on agile principles and processes. Weiterlesen

Developing Leaders, Social-Emotional Skills and Voice in Self-Organizing Teams

The complexity of a globalized world, accelerating technological advances, and rapid change also challenge educational systems around the world. At the same time around the world the call is to develop 21st century skills with a focus on career readiness, the ability for lifelong learning, and more recently also social-emotional skills (Ananiadou & Claro, 2009). To get there research and practice in education have encouraged to create more student-centered learning environments, such as project-based learning (Bell, 2010), where students can develop 21st century skills. Or schools implement social-emotional curricula that are often not embedded in the daily instruction. Even rarer are systematic approaches to develop student leadership skills, student voice and critical consciousness. Weiterlesen

Was war denn gut?! - Retrospektiven in eduScrum

Kein eduScrum ohne Retro! Aber was heißt die Retro für eduScrummer?

Jeder Sprint, also jede Lerneinheit, endet mit einer Retrospektive: mit einem auf Verbesserung ausgerichteten Rückblick auf das Zusammenspiel des Teams. Es geht dabei einerseits um die Umsetzung des Fachinhaltes und andererseits um die persönliche Entwicklung der Teammitglieder.
Wichtig ist die Reflektion über die eigene und die Teamarbeit, aber auch über die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Lehrenden und wie der Lehrende als Teil des eduScrum-Teams den Schülern helfen kann, ihre eigenen Ziele besser zu erreichen. Weiterlesen

eduScrum - the empowerment of students

In engineering education by Eduarda Pinto Ferreira & Angelo Martins

The students are not all alike. It is one of the characteristics of the human species that makes it especially adaptable to the formation of communities: people complement each other. So, if students have different characteristics, a rigid “one-size-fits-all” approach will not be successful.

It may be achievable, if you try to find a lowest common denominator, but we all know what that means: wasting most of the students' potential.

In this paper we describe the application of a Scrum based pedagogical approach to several courses of the Informatics Engineering bachelor program of ISEP (LEI-ISEP). eduScrum is a framework where much of the responsibility for the learning process management is delegated from teachers to students, both in terms of time and effort management. Weiterlesen

eduScrum on the road training 2018

A testemony of the start of a journey

This the story of a day of deep immersion in eduScrum. I flew 2000 km and drove
277 km to visit three schools in the Netherlands. My student Eric Herzog, a High School chemistry teacher, had conducted an experiment using eduScrum and we already had travelled from California to Geneva to present our experiment using eduScrum at the EARLI special interest group of INTERACTION, LEARNING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.
Willy Wijnands was our co-presenters and when he invited me to visit the Netherlands to experience eduScrum in Dutch schools. Weiterlesen
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