eduScrum on the road training 2018

A testemony of the start of a journey
This the story of a day of deep immersion in eduScrum. I flew 2000 km and drove 
277 km to visit three schools in the Netherlands. My student Eric Herzog, a High School chemistry teacher, had conducted an experiment using eduScrum and we already had travelled from California to Geneva to present our experiment using eduScrum at the EARLI special interest group of INTERACTION, LEARNING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. 
Willy Wijnands was our co-presenters and when he invited me to visit the Netherlands to experience eduScrum in Dutch schools, it was an opportunity that is hard to pass up. I was able to free up a day to not only talk and listen about educational research, but go and see some of the most innovative schools in Holland. My goal was twofold: First, to be able to really go deep with Willy and understand the philosophy and mindset behind eduScrum. Secondly, to see the pedagogy being applied in schools and understand better how to teach this mindset to educators.........