Schuberg Philis; premium software developers; heavy users of Scrum
Xebia; Agile software development; training and implementation of Scrum
Rini van Solingen; part-time full professor Globally Distributed Software Engineering at Technical University Delft
We are furthermore pleased with the support from Jeff and Arline Sutherland of
Ashram College - High School - Alphen aan den Rijn - Netherland.



Friends of eduScrum

Professionals from within and outside education who are convinced that their eduScrum for us right now is the most interesting and innovative education form.

Mark Reijn (Schuberg Philis), Rini van Solingen (Prowareness), Maarten Bruns (Shortcycle), Judith Rijnders, Lieneke Koenes, Susan Zandbergen, (MT Ashram College), Martin Bruggink (TU Delft), Jan Fischbach & Peter Fischbach (Common Sense Team), Jean Pierre Berchez (Scrum events)), Astrid van de Kerkhof (; Ilja Heitlager (Schuberg Philis), Harm Boertien (Schuberg Philis), Hugo de Groot (primair onderwijs), Ben Linders (Ben Linders Advies), Paul Takken,  Rene Romkes (RTO),  Serge Beaumont (Xebia),  Nienke van de Hoef (Scrum Company), Harriet van den Berg (Liemers College), Arne Mast (, Lana Sun (Managing Director of AGILE CAFÉ, Taiwan), Pia Raab (Hochschule Mannheim), Anna Luther (Hochschule Mannheim), Wiebke Werft (Hochschule Mannheim), ..............


The Friends of eduScrum working together to facilitate the implementation of eduScrum in the educational system.

One of their goals: they want a school where their own children learn to scrum!