About Us

The eduScrum team

All Certified ScrumMasters

Willy Wijnands is a science and physics teacher on the Ashram College in Alphen aan de Rijn. He is the initiator and founder of eduScrum.
‘I give the students ownership on their own learning process, but must important trust. The students take their responsibility for what they do and I give them liberty and space. The effect is that students are engaged, more productive and their results are better; In short brilliant!’ 

Friends of eduScrum

Professionals from within and outside education who are convinced that their eduScrum for us right now is the most interesting and innovative education form. By scrum with students in the classroom they perform better and are better prepared for the world in which they work and live.

Together with the Friends of eduScrum we work together in an open source network where knowledge and experience are shared and created products.