eduScrum workshop and training in Moscow

Published: 21/08/2018
On 13 August, Willy Wijnands and Claudia Struijlaart organized a workshop together in the Yandex building in Moscow for about 200 participants.
Then they gave a 3 day training from 14 to 16 August to 30 participants who consisted of teachers, directors, coaches and education innovators. Read more

Willy Wijnands invited at IPF conference in St. Petersburg.

Published: 09/06/2018
The President of the organizing Committee of the X Anniversary International Pedagogical Forum expresses his respect and honor to invite you to speak at the X Anniversary International pedagogical forum, which will be held on July 23- 27, 2018 in St. Petersburg. The Forum is supported by the Education and Science Committee of the State Duma's Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

St. Petersburg will become the pedagogical capita! of the country for 5 days........ Read more

eduScrum training in Moscow

Published: 01/05/2018
From August 14-16, 2018 Willy Wijnands and Claudia Struijlaart will provide an eduScrum training in Moscow. The three-day training is given to teachers from secondary schools, colleges and universities. They are co-assisted by two Russian teachers who have previously attended an eduScrum training in the Netherlands. Read more

eduScrum at ECIS Leadership Conference in Berlin

Published: 10/03/2018
Self-Regulation Through the Agile Mindset

The Agile Manifesto promotes a way of working differently and has joined a global push for more meaningful and productive working methods. Educators at the forefront have demonstrated to teachers and administrators how an Agile Mindset is a legitimate answer to the call for new types of teaching and learning. Three examples are highlighted in this interactive session. Read more

Second International eduScrum training

Published: 02/02/2018
Second eduScrum international training in the Netherlands. The training is an hand-on training where you will experience and learn the benifits of Agile in education.

The date of the training is in 2018 on Marz 15,16 and 17 in Alphen aan den Rijn. Read more

eduScrum training in Warsaw February 2018

Published: 25/01/2018
The training is hands-on (NO POWERPOINTS) such as the students
in eduScrum experience too. The teachers also experience the power
of eduScrum and the iterative process.
Our training consists of two days, I let experience teachers on the first
day what is eduScrum and what you can achieve.
We do this by teaching the basis of one or more cases eduScrum. Read more

Reflections about using eduScrum

Published: 03/01/2018
Reflections about using eduScrum in a doctoral program for Educational Leadership at California State University, Fresno, USA

Learning in a Changing World
In a changing world, the ability to think critically, innovate, learn independently, collaborate, and lead are crucial. The expectation is that schools and universities prepare students for changing careers and a changing world. Best practices to reach these aspirations are student-centered instruction, collaborative learning, learning communities, project based learning… And of course, during all of this, students should also learn the most current technologies.
As a university professor, I teach educational research methods and statistics. As such I do research on how to support faculty in the development of their instruction, while I am at the same time also developing my own teaching practice. In my first year I was mostly lecturing, with a lot of dialoguing, but realistically I was doing most of the talking. Then I implemented Read more

eduScrum Chrismast Newsletter 2017

Published: 23/12/2017
A brief review of 2017 and a preview to 2018
Looking back you can look back through the news articles. Read more

eduScrum goes international

Published: 16/12/2017
With the goal of laying out the foundation for the international expansion of eduScrum, a framework for coaching students where the responsibility for the learning process is delegated from the teacher to the students, last February 23–25,
2017, Willy Wijnands, the initiator and founder of eduScrum, together with Alisa Stolze as his co-trainer, invited 14 Education pioneers with different backgrounds from around the world for the 1st eduScrum International Training Read more

Alles eduScrum, oder was?!

Published: 06/12/2017
eduScrum Deutschland ist 2017 auf Roadshow
Seit Anfang 2017 steigt das Interesse an agilen Lernmethoden in Deutschland spürbar an. eduScrum ist dabei eine von vielen Möglichkeiten, den Unterricht agiler zu gestalten. Um den Nebel ein wenig zu lichten, ist eduScrum Deutschland 2017 auf Roadshow. Das heißt, wir besuchen vermehrt Schulen, Konferenzen oder Scrum-Tische, stehen Rede und Antwort für interessierte Neu-eduScrummer und üben aktiv eduScrum.

eduScrum, das ist doch nix Neues…
„Ja, nee, Scrum kenne ich schon!“ oder „Gruppenarbeit hatten wir früher mal, aber das haben wir dann wieder eingestellt.“ höre ich zum Thema eduScrum - von Scrummern, von Lehrern, von meiner Mutter.
Natürlich erfindet eduScrum das Lern-Rad nicht neu, ist bei weitem aber nicht nur die nächste Gruppenarbeit oder Scrum in der Schule aka „irgendwie Scrum in irgendwie einer Lehranstalt“. 
Ein Lehrer hat sich überlegt, wie man agile Prinzipien und Scrum für den Unterricht nutzen kann. Bei einer Anwendung von Scru Read more
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