eduScrum in Orlando April, 18-20 2016


Willy Wijnands and Arno Delhij the eduScrum team invited by Scrum to come to Orlando along with other schools.
The coming together on this Scrum Alliance Gathering 2016 16 to April 22 organized by John Miller Agile Classrooms
Our being together, a total of 13 people from seven different organizations and approaches, aimed to establish a "Agile in Education 'manifesto.


We have worked together intensively and hard to come to a manifesto.
It's just become a manifesto but a compass. An umbrella under which we can cooperate with each other and others to share information in order to learn with and from each other.

Why do we come together? Together we wanted to share experiences in order to achieve a common objective: How can we apply an Agile way of learning in education.

How do we do that? Through our own experiences and to share with the others together and come to a commitment. This was done, inter alia, by prioritizing and voting. In groups apart go, elaborate themes come together, receive feedback and process and continue on to the final product.


What we have brought together? Products that let us make a journey from where we are now and where we can go.

An overarching compass that each in his own way within the frameworks can give its interpretation. So everyone has their own compass!

Furthermore set up a website Agile in Education to continue to share our experiences and knowledge. Similarly via #agileedu on twitter you can find information (text, photos, videos, .......)

John Miller explains in brief the compass.

We have as Agile in Education 'team may present in an Open Space for 1,100 participants. Then we held a workshop on Agile Learning in education.


Watch and listen to Krissyn, one of our team members who presents us agile in Education Compass.

         In the middle Manny Gonzalez, CEO Scrum Alliance, which has made possible our meeting.

The Agile in Education 'now meets monthly online together to share our experiences with each other. The information we process in our training so eduScrum as agent in Agile in Education 'continues to innovate and develop dynamically.
All in all it has been a great experience and great to be joined here.


     Willy Wijnands         -    John Miller    -   Arno Delhij
     eduScrum team       -    Agileschool    -   eduScrum team

Willy Wijnands,

Chemistry teacher at the Ashram College
Founder of eduScrum