Transforming Education with eduScrum on ELEC 2017

Published: 12/10/2017
Transforming Education with eduScrum

In the 21st century society, a mere diploma does not suffice for our students: as change is fast, they must also be equipped with increasingly needed skills such as creativity, communication, reliability, critical thinking and teamwork capacity.


Willy Wijnands, the founder of eduScrum, believes Scrum suits the needs of the fast changing society we live in. The workforce of tomorrow has to cope with an increasingly accelerating world. Unfortunately, the current educational system is obsolete and this creates a gap between the educational offer and the market requirements. Can eduScrum become the connecting element? Read more

eduScrum training in Cambridge Leadership College

Published: 11/10/2017
Enabling students and teachers to work together in an energetic, effective and efficient way
With 1800 students aged 11-18, Ashram College looks like most other Dutch secondary schools. The exceptional part comes in the classes of Willy Wijnands. The desks are not set up in rows, they face each other. The students learn together in teams: eduScrum Teams. Read more

Disziplin und agiles Lernen mit eduScrum

Published: 10/09/2017
Disziplin und agiles Lernen - kontinuierlicher Fokus auf ein sinnhaftes Ziel
Auch agil Lehrende sind zum Teil verunsichert, wie viel an Regeln und Rahmen in agilen Lehrmethoden angebracht ist. Immerhin sollen die Schüler und Schülerinnen sich selbst organisieren, kreativ sein, die Freiheit haben, ihr Lernen in die eigene Hand zu nehmen. Read more

Interview: development of personality with eduScrum

Published: 08/08/2017
Interview: Willy Wijnands, July 2017

Development of personality is the number one point to work on and with.
In my opinion, development of personality is the number one point to work on and with. The effect is that students are more engaged, more productive and their results are better. They discover who they are and what their abilities are. It is a wonderful experience to see them developing themselves! Read more

eduScrum Newsletter Nr.4 - Juli 2017

Published: 25/07/2017
Herzlich Willkommen zum eduScrum Newsletter Nr.4!
Kurz vor der Sommerpause gibt es noch einige Neuigkeiten, die wir mit Ihnen teilen wollen... Read more

eduScrum in Fachmagazins Synergie

Published: 21/06/2017
Heute ist die dritte Ausgabe unseres Fachmagazins Synergie. Digitalisierung in der Lehre zu den Themenschwerpunkten „Agilität & Digitalisierung“ sowie „OER“ als Print- und Online-Version veröffentlicht worden. Alle Informationen und Downloadmöglichkeiten finden ...... Read more

eduScrum Newsletter

Published: 28/03/2017
Herzlich Willkommen zum eduScrum Newsletter Nr. 3!
Ihr habt eine Weile nichts von uns gehört... inzwischen ist viel passiert. Read more

eduScrum on international tour

Published: 20/03/2017
Bunt ist der Mix an Nationalitäten und Backgrounds, die sich Ende Februar 2017 in Alphen aan den Rijn in den Niederlanden treffen, um den Grundstein für die internationale eduScrum "Familie" zu legen. Willy Wijnands, Begründer von eduScrum, hatte zum ersten internationalen eduScrum-Training geladen. Read more

All the beginnings are difficult, that is the same with eduScrum.

Published: 08/02/2017
But I also learned, that it is worth practicing!

When I was visiting an eduScrum training in Alphen aan den Rijn in november 2016, me and the participating dutch teachers had the opportunity to talk to eduScrum students between 14 and 17 years to ask them about their experiences with eduScrum. We were sitting together on the cosy carpet of a hotel hallway with three groups of eduScrum classes and talked. Listening to the students, I thought it was very interesting that their happiness about working with eduScrum gets significantly bigger with every year of eduScrum practice. Read more

eduScrum International Training

Published: 23/11/2016
eduScrum international training in the Netherlands. The training is an hand-on training where you will experience and learn the benifits of Agile in education. Read more
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