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What does eduScrum mean?

eduScrum is an edit for Secondary education/Highschool and Secondary Professional training.

Scrum is a detailed method for people to work together in an enjoyable way. It also leads to great results. Scrum was developed for the IT world, it is the answer to apparently uncontrollable and complex IT projects. In the IT Scrum is booming: more and more huge companies have started to work with Scrum. Different areas like the graphical industry, are also turning to work with Scrum. Everywhere the benefits are tremendous: speed, work pleasure and results increase immediately.

eduScrum uses the powerful ceremonies, roles and tools of Scrum. In this way the group owned scrum board gives the students an overview and the structure to make the group’s work transparent. Every lesson starts with the stand-up which sees to it that there is a focus and a bond, this also put them in the right work mode. The retrospectives help students to continuously improve their tactics.

In eduScrum learning is the key element: smarter learning, learning to cooperate better, learning to get to know themselves better. Because of that eduScrum owns an extra ceremony: creating teams on the basis of additional qualities. Own and extra instruments have also been developed. These instruments challenge and appeal to young people. With that eduScrum puts a powerful pedagogic layer under Scrum.



As an honour to Jeff Sutherland, founder of Scrum and Aikido practitioner, we like to describe eduScrum with Sangen: triangle, circle and square. These are widely used symbols to interpret universal singularities.

The triangle stands for focus, energy and initiative. The three angles of the triangle stand for the three aspects with which the students develop themselves with eduScrum: subject, team and personality.
The circle stands for transparency, the connection of these three aspects and the rotating focus for this. It is the teacher that sees to this, constantly moving to another role: as product owner when the subject is the point of focus, as scrummaster when the team is the point of focus, as trainer/coach when personal growth is the point of focus. The circle also stands for infinity and perfection: Kaizen’s mind-set of constant improvement upon which eduScrum is based.
The square symbolises stability, solidity and structure. In this autonomy, growth and improvement are made possible. Within eduScrum the strong ceremonies and the powerful instruments ascertain this solidity.


When triangle, circle and square come together, purity and growth will spring. If one drops in on a class working vigorously with eduScrum, one can feel Sangen. The atmosphere is open, vibrant, focused and relaxed.



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