eduScrum in Orlando April, 18-20 2016

Willy Wijnands and Arno Delhij the eduScrum team invited by Scrum to come to Orlando along with other schools.
The coming together on this Scrum Alliance Gathering 2016 16 to April 22 organized by John Miller Agile Schools.

Our being together, a total of 13 people from seven different organizations and approaches, aimed to establish a "Agile in Education 'manifesto. Más información

Interview Jeff Sutherland: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

This is what Jeff Sutherland tell about Scrum in an interview with Ben Linders for InfoQ:

InfoQ: You wrote about your visit to the Ashram College in Alphen aan den Rijn, where you saw how students use eduScrum to learn chemistry. InfoQ also interviewed teachers from eduScrum and from Blueprint Education on using Scrum for education. Can you share some experiences from your visit?

Jeff: I asked the kids ...... Más información

"The Future of Education is Agile" by Steve Peha

"The Future of Education is Agile" by Steve Peha: Founder of teaching making sense, inc.

We love Agile. But why? Sure, it helps us make better software. But why? Because it helps us learn. Agile is not a software methodology; it's a learning methodology. For years, I've been applying Agile in schools. It works. Agile helps software professionals respond rapidly to change. Don't we want our children to understand these ideas, to apply them to their own learning,.......... Más información

The Agile Mindset and eduScrum

Recently visit Joe Justice from Wikispeed and Paul Takken from Xebia the Ashram College in Alphen aan den Rijn. They met the students from Willy Wijnands and talk with them about eduScrum.
Joe and Paul were very passionate and wrote a blog.

You can read their blog on the website. Más información

EduScrum: Mejorando la educación secundaria con Scrum

Software Guru, a software newspaper with big influence in the Spanish world, has published an article about eduScrum. Más información

Agile observations with eduScrum

Gepubliceeerd: 16/01/2014
Agile observations @ co-create! #3


eduScrum op co-create The Agile Consortium shared its booth at the exhibition floor with eduScrum, an organization aimed at implementing Scrum within secondary schools. The enthusiastic initiator of eduScrum and chemistry & physics teacher Willy Wijnands, introduced a team of four students scrumming their lessons. Más información

eduScrum on site Schuberg Philis

Now that’s a story! One of our colleagues has a father-in-law who worked as a teacher at a secondary school. He has always been interested in new teaching methods. When Mark Reijn told him about scrum, a new methodology that we had introduced at Schuberg Philis, they discussed the possibilities to use this for educational purposes. Más información

Jeff Sutherland interview in Turkey.

The most exciting Scrum development I know of today, is in high schools in the Netherlands where the teachers are Product Owners and the students are Scrum teams.

He visit the Ashram College in Alphen aan den Rijn. Más información

Special info by Shirly Ronen-Harel

Scrum in School:
Working with eduScrum in schools means using Scrum to help teams of students learn more effectively. You’ll see self-organized teams of student work in sprints to learn subjects and evolve the learning process. Más información

Scrum Blog Jeff Sutherland & eduScrum

Ashram College isn’t really a special school by Dutch standards. It’s a public secondary school with about 1800 student ages 11-18. The special part comes in the Chemistry classes of Willy Wijnands. In those classes the student’s desks aren’t set up in rows, they face eachother. In Wijnands classes the students are broken up into teams; teams that learn together. Scrum Teams.

We visited Ashram last week and it is truly remarkable. Más información
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