eduScrum in Fachmagazin SYNERGIE Universität Hamburg

Interview with Willy Wijnands
Dear Willy Wijnands, how did you  rst get in contact with Scrum, and what was the start- ing point of your adapting the Scrum frame- work for the school context?
It started with a bottle of beer and a barbe­ que in the summer of 2011 with mark reijn. Mark had just  nished a Scrum course given by Je  Sutherland at the company Schuberg Philis in the netherlands, where mark works as a software engineer.
Mark was very enthusiastic about Scrum, inspired by Je , and he explained it to me on one single (sheet of) paper.
That is how it began.
In August 2011 I started one class using Scrum to try out if it works in the classroom. In the beginning I was surprised that it was working.
So I began to use eduScrum in all my classes with success.
For which classes and age groups do you use eduScrum, and what does a representative class session look like?
I use it by myself in all my classes in the high school, the Ashram College in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands, where I have taught engineering, physics and chemistry since 1976. my students are between 12 and 19 years old.
The students work together in teams – an active, e ective and e cient way of working. They have more fun, are intrinsi­ cally motivated and work hard.
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