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Ashram College isn’t really a special school by Dutch standards. It’s a public secondary school with about 1800 student ages 11-18. The special part comes in the Chemistry classes of Willy Wijnands. In those classes the student’s desks aren’t set up in rows, they face eachother. In Wijnands classes the students are broken up into teams; teams that learn together. Scrum Teams.

We visited Ashram last week and it is truly remarkable. The bell rings and students file into class; they immediately pullout and post burndown charts around the room. Their learning tasks penned on sticky notes that move from the backlog, to doing to done. Their carefully plotted charts track the glide path to the next test. The students instantly begin working, the teacher says almost nothing. He might weigh in if he sees they are stuck on a particular problem. He might take a task out of the done column and give an impromptu verbal quiz of all the team members to make sure they all truly understand the material. If they don’t, it goes back into “work in progress.”

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