eduScrum virtual reality by Danusia, Poland

By Danusia Idzikowska, Poland
I am a primary school English and Geography teacher in Glinianka, Poland. Last year I started introducing eduScrum into my teaching. I had always been eager to learn new things, try new methods or use up-to-date IT tools in my class. But I can’t deny that I was, let’s say, reluctant to eduScrum at the beginning. I tried this framework with different groups of students at my school and to be honest it didn’t work well with all of them. Some students just don’t feel the need to get involved and it’s difficult to build trust among them as well as the teacher. However, there are groups where eduScrum just fitted. And it fitted perfectly. This happened to the 7th grade bilingual class students. The students are really creative, want to achieve a lot in their lives and, what’s very important, they show a lot of commitment in what they do every day. As a beginner eduScrum Master they helped me discover and go through all the mysteries of eduScrum. They didn’t disappoint me even at the difficult time which came a few months later – Coronavirus time. 
Suddenly, overnight we’ve been pushed back into our houses, lacking in direct contact and asked to continue our learning-teaching practices. But being inexperienced I must admit I was considering whether to take up the challenge of continuing eduScrum with my students or skip to traditional ways. I went through all the pros and cons I could think of and a question appeared in my mind: Why not? Why should I stop just because there are some obstacles present? I talked to my students and we agreed it’s worth trying. But another question arose: How? We could have dailies using skype or zoom, couldn’t we? I could send my students celebration criteria and stories, couldn’t I? This was a piece of cake. But how could we create a common space, a kind of Scrum Board, where all the information would be presented by the eduScrum team? How could we estimate the tasks we were supposed to be doing? How to make presentations during the Sprint review? I couldn’t find the answers to all these questions at first. And they were overwhelming.

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