Reactions students

Quotes of the students

"I thought it was useful, fun, innovative and simple."

"I think it is a good method because you get to do many things all by yourself and the others  depend on you in some way. In this way you become very responsible  and you learn to cope with that. You also learn to plan well and rationally because you have to do and think of everything all by yourself."

"I like to work in this way, you get the autonomy  to work and study by yourself. But with a little help from the teacher who gives you the exact amount of information you need to have for yourself."

"Because you get a lot of autonomy you depend on your group and you take more responsibility for your work."

"The posters are very usable because they make it uncomplicated."

"I think it’s a good way because you can plan the amount of time you think you need for a part of the work. When you think something is difficult, you add some extra hours for it and if you think something is easy, you plan less hours. I also think the post-its come in handy because they make clear of what needs to be done and what has already been finished."

"I like working like this because you get a clear view of what you are doing. You can plan everything all by yourself and if something doesn’t suit you, you just move it. At the end of the day you have finished everything quicker than you had expected."

"During the past period this way of working has made this subject a little bit more interesting for me. This was because I could plan my lessons by myself, I did more experiments all by myself and I got less theoretical details."

"I love this way of working because you can be concerned with the work very well. There is no time to joke because of the amount of work which is being checked by the log and on the poster."

"This way of working is different and because of that it is a finer way. You learn from your own experiences and not from a book. You discover things all by yourself to a large extend and in my view this is the best way to learn something."

"It is proper in this way because you really work together and the other group members can help you if you don’t understand something. This makes it easy because if you don’t get the teacher’s description, someone else can explain it in another way."

"I myself made use of one big quality: leadership and the division of tasks. When we started off we had some struggles but later got the big picture of how I wanted it to be. During the experiment I made use of  the vast ideas and the intelligence of the group. While interpreting I mostly made use of the knowledge I gained during the lessons and the rest of the group knew exactly how to match this in the context."

"L. was very important to me. If I didn’t understand it I always ended up asking her (which I obviously regularly did). Whenever I did this I would always get a good  and comprehensible answer. M. was very resourceful and important with the experiments. She would quickly take the initiative. K. was the smart one of the group. She would know how to match the theory to the situation. J. was the persistent one, she would encourage us to get to work or finish it."

"After all I thought it was a fine group to work with because everybody was honest and reasonable towards each other. We could very well complement and help with each other’s soft skills. This is how I learned to enlarge my periphery a bit. This wasn’t just good for a grade but also for the further development of our soft skills."

"A responsible and transparent way to give students accountability."

What Willy’s students say about eduScrum

In general

eduScrum has influenced my way of working in chemistry lessons in a positive way.  Work is more effective and efficient, and cooperation plays a major role.

This way of working is very pleasant. First of all, the composition of the teams on the basis of talents and skills is a strong point of eduScrum. It is motivating because you can learn from one another. There is appreciation between team members. If a team member does not understand anything, then there is the team that can help. We work independently, self- studying, and with a lot of responsibility.

With eduScrum we learn a lot from each other. You get to know other people, you value their talents, and you develop new qualities or develop qualities you already have.

I usually don’t like collaborating, I like to rely on my own ability. But eduScrum has changed my viewpoint. eduScrum lets you learn and contribute a lot, so you learn about yourself and get to know others well. Through team accountability, everyone works better. eduScrum teaches you to take more account of others. Because you are actively engaged in each lesson, you manage the job faster and better.

You get to know your own qualities better, and you develop them a lot over a period of time. Because you work in a team, you can help explain difficult topics. And you get higher grades!

eduScrum was of enormous help for my personal development. It gave me a lot of insight into myself, into what I already can do and what there is to learn. It showed me that I can do much more than I thought, which gives me confidence.

With eduScrum you learn a lot about yourself. Knowing yourself now, you can change a lot, by focusing on personal improvement. It’s not only a method to deliver a better result. It creates a development that can offer you a good future!

About the Run Up chart

“I don’t like it when people tell you what you should do. Here you are self-responsible, you can plan, you can make decisions to do more in one lesson and take it easier in another. That is great! You can always see by yourself where you are and how much work is left.“

 “With one look at the Run Up Chart I know where I stand. It helps me and it is very easy to understand. If you are below the line, you are working faster than needed. If you are above the line, you need to speed up. You can see at one glance how much work you have to do.”

 “The Run Up helps you in a different way than the Flap (the board on which the students plan their items of work). On the Flap you see the items or tasks, but they don’t have the same effort points. If you put a sticker with a big item plus a sticker with a small item to done, well, that first looks like it was the same effort. On the Run-Up I can see how much work really is done.“

About teamwork

We like the teamwork; “Teamwork creates team feeling. If everybody in the team has already finished something and you don’t, that doesn’t feel nice.“

“By working in a team, I have learned to work together better, my trust in other students has increased as they contribute the right way. eduScrum rewards you for your work and I like that. It gives you the kick to work even harder to achieve the optimal result.”

“You feel responsible. That is because teams are built on different qualities. Everybody has a purpose.“

“If you don’t do anything, you let your team down.“

“At first I thought I could do everything at the last minute, but now I prefer to work with the team.“

“I will also want to work more with eduScrum in the future, in a team that works fine for me. I know that I can rely to my team mates and they to me. Everyone makes their own contribution and I can trust everyone. It is a well-structured way of working and I like it very much, so I know exactly what I need to do to deliver a good result. I am very result oriented and want to get the best out of myself and my team. eduScrum fully subscribes to this.”