Training eduScrum     
Approach experienced and seen; training skills, ceremonies, instruments and roles; co-creative process development, personal development, tailored guidance and much more.

The cost of a route eduScrum are always based on the specific needs of you and your colleagues at the school in which you are working. In other words tailor-made and available on request.

With regard to the dates, times and locations of the eduScrum training sessions, which are variable. We will always go about it in consultation with stakeholders.

It's possible to get an eduScrum training on your location, Inhouse.
The complete eduScrum training is 2 days.

We also provide international eduScrum training in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands. Then you work together with teachers from different countries. In addition, you can be part of our national and international eduScrum community.
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After the training, you have the philosophy and the eduScrum framework and enough tools to start and a certificate.


  • € 4000,- for 2 days Inhouse with max. 10 participants (Tax excluded and without travel, food and hotel cost.) for one school and the educational schoolsystem.
  • the price for an open eduScrum training is € 600,- per person, Inhouse (at least 2 participants on one school, Tax excluded) and without travel, food and hotel cost.
  • The price for an open eduScrum training is  € 700,-  per person, in the Netherland (at least 2 participants in one school, Tax excluded).
  • Support Inhouse on request.
  • Support online (in units of 10 minutes) is in the first training year for free.
  • Prices are valid for Europe.

In the IT-world a lot of companies working with Scrum. Also a lot of companies outside the IT are working with Scrum. Perhaps there are companies in the neighborhood who wants to sponsor the eduScrum training for your school. In this way, there will be creating a connection between the business community and the school.

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