eduScrum training in Rio de Janeiro


Willy Wijnands will give an eduScrum training in Rio de Janeiro in June 29, 2019.


The training is hands-on (NO POWERPOINTS) in the same way students experience eduScrum. The teachers also experience the power of eduScrum and the iterative process.

We now offer the possibility to give the training in English.

I explain to experienced teachers what eduScrum is and what they can achieve.

We do this by teaching the basis of one or more eduScrum cases.

We can also let teachers experience eduScrum by having them working on their own lessons or Scrum projects (with colleagues in the same section or even with colleagues with different expertise so that they learn with and from each other, by looking through different lenses). It is something I do in consultation with the teachers.

During the training, we go through the scrum principles, foundational values and the whole eduScrum process, tools, and mindset. As a result, the teachers get their hands on the tools on the first day already and are ready to start. The teachers get started, observe and learn what works well and what works less well. They share experiences and learn from them. This models a very important tool - the retrospective. We let the teachers experience and work with different retrospectives, to reflect on their learning.

We will also discuss the resistance that teachers will experience and how to deal with it, how they can implement eduScrum in the classrooms and make the eduScrum method sustainable for themselves and the students.

At the end of the training, the teachers receive a certificate and are invited to join the worldwide learning community of eduScrum practitioners.

More info at the training web page: